Earrings have been used as an adornment in both men and women for millenia.  The Celtic range seen here feature the Celtic Interlacing inspired by the simple beauty of the Celitc patterns adorning the standing stones in the West highlands.  The iconic Scottish Thistle and Charles Rennie MacKintosh Art Nouveau designs are also available. Most of the earrings have a matching pendant.

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Traigheil Earrings with Stone
This Traigheil earrings is an example of the Celtic interlacing these earrings have the added f..
Ex Tax: $47.26
Triquatra Drop Earrings with Stone
Triquatra Drop Earrings feature a stone in the centre of the knot. These are also a good partner for..
Ex Tax: $47.26
Triquatra Drop Earrings with Stone
Celtic Interlacing with its 'overs & unders' feature in many of the designs.  Some are insp..
Ex Tax: $48.17
Unicorn Celtic Circle Drop Earrings Sterling Silver
Unicorn Celtic Circle Drop Earrings.  Made by Hamilton & Young in Sterling Silver.  Me..
Ex Tax: $52.72
Unicorn Drop Earrings Sterling Silver
The Unicorn has been the National Animal of Scotland since the 12th century when it was first used o..
Ex Tax: $86.36
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