From its very simply and practical beginnings, the sporran has become a Traditional part of Highland Dress.  Sporran in Gaelic means 'purse', in Medieval times it was a simple circle of leather with a draw string which was used to carry anything from oats & coins to a fishing line or ammunition. Today of course the sporran  holds wallets, keys, phones or anything else a boy may put in his pockets.

For Highland Dress there are three basic styles of sporrans - day, semi dress or full dress Day Sporrans are usually made of leather with little or no adornment, they often have three tassels; Semi dress sporrans are more elaborate than the day sporran, can be made of leather a fur with some adornment and tend to be worn for less formal occasions; Full Dress Sporrans are the most elaborate of the sporrans worn for very formal occasions usually made of fur with very elaborate cantles.  All sporrans are worn with a leather strap and light chain belts.

Clan Crest Dress Sporran

Clan Crest Dress Sporran

The Celtic Interlace and Thistle Cantle on this Bovine skin Sporran has a clan Crest of your choosin..

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