Celtic Pendants have been worn as a talisman or simply an ornament for more than three millenia. Celtic Interlacing with its 'overs & unders' feature in many of the designs.  Some are inspired by the simple beauty of the Celtic patterns adorning the standing stones in the West Highlands of Scotland.   The iconic Scottish Thistle, Celtic Crosses and Charles Rennie MacKintosh Art Nouveau designs are also available. Most pendant have matching earrings.

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Eternal Interlace Pendant
The Eternal interlace Pendant with its intricate unders & overs interlacing is a match for earri..
Ex Tax: $36.35
Eternity Pendant
The circular Eternity Pendant features an intricate Celtic interlace pattern.  Pendan..
Ex Tax: $39.08
Fairy Pendant
Fairy pendant. Made in sterling silver by Toucan of Scotland. Availability: Although from ti..
Ex Tax: $56.35
Heart Locket Pendant
This sweet Heart Locket pendant is made in sterling silver, featuring a delicate filigree patte..
Ex Tax: $50.90
Hebridean Necklet
The Hebridean necklet shows the Celtic Interlacing.  Necklets are supplied with paprox 16i..
Ex Tax: $36.35
I Love Jazz Sterlng Silver Pendant
For lover's of jazz music, the "I love Jazz' pendant is just the thing. Made in sterling silver by T..
Ex Tax: $45.45
Iona Cross Pendant
This pendant features the Iona Cross in Sterling Silver & measures approx 2.25cm. Made..
Ex Tax: $56.35
Jura Knot Pendant
The Jura Knot pendant shows the Celtic Interlacing in a contemporary style.  Pendants are suppl..
Ex Tax: $36.35
Kells Pendant
The Kells pendant is inspired by the Celtic knotwork patterns as seen in the Book of Kells.  Pe..
Ex Tax: $36.35
Lindisfarne Pendant
The Lindisfarne pendant inspired by Celtic designs in the Lindisfarne Bible.  Pendants are supp..
Ex Tax: $36.35
Lotus Sterling Silver Pendant
Charming Lotus sterling silver pendant with rope chain perfect for the for young or young at heart.&..
Ex Tax: $60.90
Marquisate & Turquoise Pendant
This contemporary piece features a turquoise stone in a marquisate setting in sterling silver. Measu..
Ex Tax: $61.81
Morven Pendant
This Triquatra is the most recognisable of the Celtic Interlacing, as seen in this delight..
Ex Tax: $36.35
Pewter Celtic Interlace Pendant
This Celtic Interlace pendant is hand smithed in pewter by Pewtermill Crafts in Scotland.&..
Ex Tax: $40.90
Pewter Celtic Knotwork Pendant
This beautiful Celtic knotwork pendant is hand smithed in pewter by Pewtermill Crafts in Scotland.&n..
Ex Tax: $40.90
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